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Reliability Engineering Academy – from practice to practice

Reliability Black Belt

training number: Reliability_A02

Target group:

Engineers, technicians, specialists, managers and executives from the areas of development, testing, design, research, production and quality assurance who wish to deepen their reliability skill-set.

About the topic:

Effective reliability engineering is about knowledge engineering: knowing why you do what you do, knowing that you do it well, and always learning how to do it better.

The Reliability Black Belt® adds specialist tools that are the key to deeper understanding of reliability and causes of failure.

Training procedure and goal:

The Reliability Black Belt® comprises the second module in the qualification as a Reliability Engineer. This module builds upon the structure provided by the Reliability Green Belt®. The Reliability Black Belt® adds specialized tools from the fields of Reliability Management, Root Cause Analysis, Design of Experiments, Durability Modeling, RAM/LCC and Software Quality; that allow development of greater understanding and improved decision-making.

The goal of this module is to train specialists who can independently solve complex problems and work on challenging issues in your organization. The Reliability Black Belt® is thus also able to professionally handle organizational and project-specific interfaces (e.g. Production, Sales and Purchasing).

5-day training:


Scope of services:

Training fee:

on request

Examination fee / certification​

on request

Training content:

Reliability Management
Repairable Systems and RAM/LCC
Root Cause Analysis
Design of Experiments DoE
Life-stress Models - Physics of Failure
Reliability of Electronics and Software


Participation in the Reliability Green Belt® training.

Software requirements:

Each participant must have a laptop with the following software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader and Weibull++.

Examination / certification:

The training will end in all cases with a certificate of participation. Furthermore, participants may elect to take a written examination for a certified Reliability Black Bel at the end of the course. The certificate will be awarded by the University of Stuttgart and the Institute of Machine Components. The examination is in multiple choice form.


The training is held in Canada.


We also offer all our seminars and trainings as an in-house event.


Should you so wish, we can put together a time and content tailored coaching concept for you after completion of the training.