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Reliability Engineering Academy

Certified Reliability Belt Program

the concept

Reliability and lifetime of products and machines today are a central success factor with regard to marketing and competitors. Reliable products increase customer satisfaction on the one hand and reduce warranty costs on the other hand.

In the industries of investment goods it becomes more and more important for the manufacturers to forecast the life cycle costs (LCC) of their products with a high precision and to reduce them.

To master these requirements facing the complexity of modern technical systems it is essential to apply a systematic planning and assurance of product reliability, availability and lifetime at product development. The classic way to do so namely mature design methods and processes need to be completed by the application of qualitative, analytic and simulation based reliability methods.

The Reliability Engineering Academy offers a modular Reliability Engineer Education Program certified by the University of Stuttgart.

The Reliability Green Belt® consists of the basic qualitative and quantitative reliability methods. The duration of this education module is 5 days. With these basic methods the attendes of this education are able to run and integrate basic reliability activities in their own organization.

The Reliability Black Belt® also takes 5 days and bases on the Reliability Green Belt education. This module delivers deeper knowledge in terms of additional reliability methods. This allows the attendees to understand and solve complex questions in the field of reliability.

For the optimal implementation of reliability engineering into the own organization the Reliability Engineering Academy offers the highest level of education – the Reliability Master Black Belt®. Participants who successfully passed their Reliability Black Belt education prove their knowledge by project work out of their own practical environment. At this the participants receive an individual coaching accompanying the projects by the reliability experts of the Reliability Engineering Academy. This provides the necessary professional support and assures the quality and success of the Reliability Master Black Belt® education.